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Coming to America - My Favorite Comedy

Coming to America - My Favorite Comedy

My all time favorite movie is the comedy movie "Coming to America". This movie had several things about it that I love. From the picture to the characters Coming to America remains a classic of its time. I cannot describe in entirety the social impact of Coming to America when it was released, but I can express to you why I love this very classic movie.

The main actor of Coming to America was Eddie Murphy. Unlike now, Eddie Murphy acting skills were superb. I love his quirky sense of humor with a slight swag or romantic gesture. In coming to America he was a rich African who disguised as a poor man in America in order to find a bride that would love him for him and not for his money. Eddie movie played a perfect gentleman very well. He used sense of humor in some cases, while in other cases he used a gentle seriousness. In some cases he was playing a different character, which I just think is extremely ambitious. I saw a talent I did not know existed in acting with Eddie Murphy's performance in the movie I name my favorite.

The Plot

The two leading cultures in the movie were well represented and treated with even esteem. Africa which is normally degraded as poverty stricken was given a rich atmosphere while America which is seen as the richest country in the world was given a poor image. I felt breaking these stereotypical elements worked very well for audiences from both backgrounds because most people are used to seeing their continent represented a certain way and after a while it becomes redundant. This movie allowed extra room to show different sides of both continents.

Another favorite element of the movie for me was its picture. The picture was incredible. There was a part with an elephants in a big palace and some Zebras…there were surmounting dancers in one scene. There was a fight scene. The music was extremely powerful with the pictures as well, one would have really wanted to travel…travel to Zamunda (the palace of the character Eddie Murphy played). The picture was absolutely beautiful. I loved it.

The comedy in Coming to America was light and sarcastic. It so happen that light and sarcastic humor is my favorite type of humor. I enjoyed a particular scene when one of the characters, Eddie Murphy's assistant, had gone to the bank to ask for money from the king of Zamunda. It was very funny without any attempts to be funny, so it seemed. The bank lady had asked Eddie's assistant how much he was to receive from the king and she kept increasing the amount, because she thought he was being ridiculous, but he did not get the sarcasm and kept asking for more money. It was just so funny, but you had to have seen it. There were many funny scenes that I loved in the classic. The comedy in Coming to America was such a great type of comedy to have for such a romantic storyline.

The storyline of the movie was probably my favorite aspect. The storyline was about a young prince in Zamunda who traveled to America, Queens NY, to find his bride. He wanted to choose someone of his choice who had a poorer background and loved him for him. It sounds like a Cinderella movie, I know, but it was not captured in that way. He faced many challenges and heartaches. I love that the storyline is a common theme but was not too gooey.

Why this is my favorite movie?

As I stated earlier, Coming to America is my favorite movie for several reasons. One is the main actor of the movie, Mr. Eddie Murphy, he was an incredible actor for the role he played. After seeing Coming to America he become my favorite actor. The culture in the movie was another aspect I enjoyed, right there were on screen my two favorite cultures, American and African culture. The picture was beautiful; simply beautiful…it was also very engaging. The comedy in the movie was hilarious but not overbearing, that was a great move on the part of the producers in order not to overpower the storyline of the movie. The storyline was interesting yet also relate-able and familiar; I really enjoyed this aspect; arguably it was my favorite aspect of the movie. The ending was surprising and not predictable; simply genius.

Coming to America was an incredible movie. It has been my favorite since I was nine years old. I do not watch it as much now because I've seen the movie at least ten times. It is definitely a classic on my list for the reasons I listed above. I will not feast on another movie like I do Coming to America, it's just too good to compare.

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Mad Max: Fury Road Proves Sequels Can Be Good

Mad Max: Fury Road Proves Sequels Can Be Good

Mad Max: Fury Road is an Australian action movie directed and co-written by one the top producers, George Miller. The world premiere of the movie took place on May this year and started with a release that included the out of screening competition that went down at the 68th-Cannes Film festival. Many people have come out praising the movie for its wonderful acting, action sequence, stunts, direction as well as the screenplay actions included. Personally, I would not hesitate to say that the movie is one that you cannot afford to miss watching especially if you love post-apocalyptic action movies like my young brother Ken.

You may be asking yourself what the film entails. Mad Max: Fury Road has its setting in a desert where there is the scarcity of water and gasoline. Hardy's character combines forces together with Furiosa in order to flee from the renowned leader named Immortan Joe and his powerful army in a well armored truck. This act brings about a very lengthy road battle between the two groups. With great developments in the world of technology, you can watch Mad Max: Fury Road online free from the comfort of your couch with your family or friends.

The plot of the movie

After the nuclear war, the entire universe turned into a wasteland characterized by failed civilization. War boy’s squad arrests Rockatansky, one of the survivors of this war. This army belongs to the tyrannical ruler Immortan Joe. At his citadel, Max is imprisoned and used as a blood donor for one of the sick boys named Nux. In the meantime, Imperator Furiosa goes with his armored truck to collect gasoline.

After Furiosa has left, Joe notices that his lovely wives have gone missing. With his army, Immortan decides to pursue Furiosa with help from the boys under his control. Nux is compelled to go with the army while Tom Hardy remains strapped on the seat of the car to continue providing food to the ailing Nux. After moving for some miles, there is a bloody battle between Joe’s forces and the ones trying to run away in this mad, Fury Road.


Charlize Theron manages to the drive through a sandstorm hence evading the pursuing army except for Nux who makes an attempt of taking away his life and destroying her vehicle. After the storm has calmed, Max realizes the presence of Furiosa and Joe's wives namely Capable, Cheedo, Dag, Toast and Angharad who is a few months pregnant. Max has no choice and therefore reluctantly allows Imperator Furiosa to follow him with the wives while Nux returns to Joe. Furiosa drives through the biker gang territory into a canyon after agreeing to give gasoline in order to pass through this route. At the end, Nux destroys kills Rictus, thus allowing the protagonists and the five wives to escape and all this makes watching Fury Road online wonderful experience.